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Covid-19 Pre Travel


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When travelling internationally, many countries have introduced entry requirements in relation to COVID-19, including proof of a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result when you check in for your flight.  Here at MD Healthcare Boca Raton, We offer pre screening for travel.

  • viral test tells you if you are infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, using samples that come from your nose or mouth. There are two types of viral tests: rapid tests and laboratory tests. COVID-19 testing is one of many risk-reduction measures, along with vaccination, masking, and physical distancing, that protect you and others by reducing the chances of spreading COVID-19.

  • Rapid Point-of-Care tests, test performed or interpreted by someone other than the individual being tested, can be performed in minutes and can include antigen and some NAATs.

  • Laboratory tests can take days to complete and include RT-PCR and other types of NAATs.

Testing requirements

The pre-departure testing requirements, including types of acceptable tests and documentation required, are set by the countries you are travelling to and transiting through. It's your responsibility to check latest government travel requirements well before your departure date so you can prepare. This may include the minimum age of passengers who are required to take the test, approved testing providers and test types. You'll also need to ensure you have valid test result documentation to meet the criteria for travel.

What type of test do I need?

There are different types of COVID-19 tests available, so it's important you check the requirements of the country you're travelling to and transiting through as they may have different guidelines, including approved documentation.  

When to get your test

Your pre-departure testing window may vary depending on the country you're travelling to and your vaccination status. You'll need to check the government requirements, and comply with the most stringent requirement that applies to your trip.

If based on hours you need to count back from the scheduled departure time of your first international flight. If the time frame is based on calendar days your day of departure counts as day 0. For example if you are flying on a Friday and your destination requires you to take a test 3 days prior to travel - you can take the test anytime on the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

You may consider getting your test as close as possible to departure to allow for any potential flight delays, as long as you can ensure your testing provider can deliver the results in time.

Applying for medical clearance

If you've previously had COVID-19, your pre-departure COVID-19 test can show a positive result even if you're not currently infected. In this case, you'll need to apply for COVID-19 past positive medical clearance with us. You may also need to carry proof of recovery to comply with individual country requirements.

For more information on Travel as per CDC guidelines go to: CDC Guidelines for Travel

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